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Podcast for the Common Good

Stories matter.  As humans, we identify with stories.

We launched the "Podcast for the Common Good" to tell the inspirational stories of those building the common good.   We interview and share these stories.  

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Episode 4: Braden Bishop - Outfielder for the Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners outfielder Braden Bishop, along with host, Tim Gaydos, discuss how to support Africans-Americans in the USA.

Braden's team, the Seattle Mariners, has the most African-American players of any team in Major League Baseball. Join us as Braden shares some powerful thoughts during our conversation on racism, supporting blacks as a white man, and what goes down in the Clubhouse.

Episode 3: Former Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis

Even in a pandemic, our political leaders have a hard time working together. One such leader known for working across the aisle and consensus building was Michael Dukakis. Though this conversation happened a couple of months ago, we think you’ll learn a lot and find it fascinating. Enjoy our discussion with Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis!

Episode 2: Seattle Sounders - Jordan Morris and Christian Roldan

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Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan have become part of the cornerstone of a dynasty in Major League Soccer with the Seattle Sounders. With two MLS championships under their belt they are just coming into their prime as players. Each are becoming forces on the US Men’s National Team as well.

What we're most inspired by is Jordan and Cristian's belief in building the fabric of our community and serving the common good.

Jordan grew up in the Seattle area and understands how important it is to give back in the city that helped shape him.

Cristian's father, Cesar, and mother, Ana, each left civil-war ravaged Guatemala and El Salvador, respectively, to start over in the U.S. They met soon after, married and moved to a town east of Los Angeles, where they raised Cristian and two other sons.

Join us on this fascinating conversation as we hear more about Jordan and Cristian’s upbringing, their heart for Seattle, when they first became best friends, and their thoughts on soccer, the USMNT and more!

Episode 1: Monica Guzman

Mónica Guzmán is the co-founder and of The Evergrey, the essential newsletter for Seattleites who want to make the most of their city, and Vice President of Local at WhereBy.Us, helping a team of entrepreneurial journalists help locals in five cities “live like you live here.” She is a former columnist at The Seattle Times, GeekWire, The Daily Beast and The Columbia Journalism Review. Moni studied how to connect journalists and the public as a 2016 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, and studied political and social divisions as a 2019 Henry M. Jackson Leadership Fellow. She is the author of the influential 2016 API strategy study "The best ways to build audience and relevance by listening to and engaging your audience,” served as vice-chair of the Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Committee, and was as a juror for the 2013 and 2014 Pulitzer Prizes. Moni's a big fan of chocolate, karaoke, and good stouts, and lives in Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood with her husband, Jason Preston, and their two kids.

Yes, as we talked to Mónica we realized she not only has a deep intellectual approach, but is incredibly thoughtful and willing to embrace tensions and cross boundaries. One thing we love about her is that she is not afraid to truly get on the ground and build relationships. After Trump was elected, and many in King County weren’t sure how to respond….she came up with an idea. She found a county in rural Oregon, Sherman County, which voted the same for Trump (74%) as King County did for Clinton (74%). She asked, what if I took some Clinton voters down for a few days to hang out with some Trump voters… not to convert anyone, but to get reconnected and learn. Wow.

We hope you enjoy our discussion with Mónica as much as we did.

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