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About Us

Together Washington is a movement of diverse people who seek to strengthen the common good in the state of Washington by working to build connective tissue between its diverse stakeholders , establishing community efficacy, and reduce barriers between people to create a region/state where everyone can achieve their full potential without fear of exclusion—all of which is necessary not only to create a place where freedom, justice, respect for others, and strong community is celebrated, but to reach solutions on critical issues that impact all of us.

At Together Washington, we believe the only way to heal and renew is through relationships. Relationships are the key to getting good things done—they are a pathway to positive change. Relationships are nonpartisan; they embrace tensions, cross boundaries, and seek understanding. Relationships are catalysts; they bring people together, cultivate enthusiasm and energy, and create movements.

We are bridge builders, solution architects, catalysts, and city ambassadors committed to building a thriving city for everyone. Together we will weave a stronger social fabric for the benefit of all by sharing our stories with each other and inviting others to join us on this journey of building the common good.

Intended Impact:

  1. Build Connective Tissue in Our Communities
  2. Provide Support: Allowing for Silos to Be Broken Down
  3. Systemic Change: Create collaboration and leverage to maximize social, environmental, and economic well-being resulting in systemic change in Seattle.

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