A Message from CEO Tim Gaydos

Hi, this is Tim Gaydos, Executive Director of Together Washington.

Together Washington was started last year. Some local and state leaders and myself got together. We believe that across the state we're building some big muscles but really lacking connective tissue. We're seeing a society that increasingly is having a difficult time working together across divides. We're seeing the fractures in our society and quite honestly we believe in the human spirit. We believe in the human spirit that people can come together and work together across divides and across disagreements because quite honestly a healthy and flourishing society is one where we as people do that. No matter where we find ourselves at. No matter our backgrounds. That we can build together across divides and disagreements.

Of course, we've seen the world turn upside down here recently. We had our common good summit in Seattle, Washington with government, non-profit, business, and faith community leaders which was powerful. People working together across those divides and across disagreements and and since then of course you know, the world has changed. We're seeing a lot of unrest and we're seeing it turned upside down. We're seeing some good things happen no question about it but I think the one thing we do see happen as well is that it's becoming even more difficult to work together. It's becoming even more difficult to work together across disagreements and to build for the common good.

Here at Together Washington, we believe our conviction is clear. It’s true and we're committed to continuing the work that we began to see our society flourish because really at the end of the day it's about relationships. Relationships are nonpartisan. They cross boundaries. They embrace tensions and it’s really the pathway to positive change, and that's where together washington comes in with our mission and our vision to establish those kinds of relationships across the sector, across the state. Since our summit in February we've heard from leaders in different states, we've heard from leaders in different cities around Washington State that are desiring that we would come and and help facilitate summits in their city and help bridge those divides that can sometimes separate us.

So, I hope that you would join us in this effort, in this movement to build relationships for the common good across divides and across disagreements. So, look forward to more information coming soon about a summit near you and about what you can do to build a healthy flourishing city and society here in the State of Washington.

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