The Summit for the Common Good: Seattle, WA in February 2020

Relationships are the key to getting good things done — they are a pathway to positive change.

The Summit for the Common Good is an event organized by a diverse group of organizations and individuals and facilitated by Together Washington, a nonpartisan, nonreligious, nonprofit organization. The Summit will showcase individuals who have successfully crossed divides, built effective relationships, and contributed to the common good.  The first summit was held February 7-8, 2020 in Seattle, WA.

The Summit’s "pairings" demonstrate that relationships are the key to making progress and achieving positive solutions. Relationships are the mechanism for positive change; they are nonpartisan; they allow for embracing tensions, crossing boundaries, seeking understanding.

During the Seattle event, we were fortunate to feature inspiring pairs of people who have successfully overcome divides to benefit the common good. Most agree this is something we certainly need today—leaders who know how to work through differences to benefit all the people of our region.  Our pairings included:

Watch this video from one of our pairings, Sue Rahr & Andre Taylor:

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