The Summit for the Common Good
in Yakima, WA

Yakima Summit for the Common Good

Photos and videos from the Summit are here! Check them out below:

Governors Dan Evans and Michael Dukakis - Yakima Summit 2022

Sister Kathleen and Kip Ramsey - Yakima Summit 2022

Chief Murray and Mike Johnson - Yakima Summit 2022

Rev. Jesus Mariscal and Maria Santiago - Yakima Summit 2022

Relationships are the key to getting good things done — they are a pathway to positive change.

Join 200 Yakima community leaders as bridges are built across divides and we look to build the common good of the Yakima Valley at the second annual Summit for Common Good on April 29, 2022 at Heritage University (3240 Fort Rd, Toppenish, WA 98948).

The Summit for the Common Good is an event organized by a diverse group of organizations and individuals and facilitated by Together Washington, a nonpartisan, nonreligious, nonprofit organization. The Summit will showcase pairs of people who have successfully crossed divides, built effective relationships, and contributed to the common good. 

The Summit’s "pairings" will demonstrate that relationships are the key to making progress and achieving positive solutions. Relationships are the mechanism for positive change; they are nonpartisan; they allow for embracing tensions, crossing boundaries, seeking understanding.

Our event will feature inspiring pairs of people who have successfully overcome divides to benefit the common good. Most agree this is something we certainly need today—leaders who know how to work through differences to benefit all the people of our region.  Our pairings include:

Former Governors Dan Evans [R] and Michael Dukakis [D] - Finding Common Ground amidst Party Polarization: how the Governors found common ground solutions by working across political lines and how it is possible to build together in our currently divided landscape.

Former Governors Dan Evans (left) and Michael Dukakis (right)

Sister Kathleen Ross and Kip Ramsey - The Unorthodox Relationships that made Heritage University

Sister Kathleen Ross and Kip Ramsey

Sister Kathleen Ross (left) and Kip Ramsey (right)

Yakima Chief of Police Matt Murray and Mike Johnson, CEO of Yakima’s Union Gospel Mission - Chief Murray and Mike Johnson’s relationship was deeply broken a year ago, but through intentional time, trust building and relationship, positive pathways were forged, particularly as it relates towards serving the homeless population in Yakima Valley.

Chief Murray (left) and Mike Johnson (right)

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In the spirit of being accessible to all, The Summit for the Common Good does not charge for registration.  In order to hold this and other events in future, if you are able to make a tax-deductible contribution to help defray costs we would welcome your support. The suggested donation is $50 per registration. Click here to donate.

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