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I wanted to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and Holiday season! As we continue to add great talent to Together Washington, it is my great joy to introduce Danny Chi who is part of our volunteer execution team. I have worked alongside and known Danny personally for over a decade and he brings great passion, insight, and wisdom in creating strategic environments that mobilize people from all backgrounds to seek the common good of our communities.

Danny’s parents immigrated to Seattle from Vietnam after the war in 1975. His family was sponsored to come to America by a church in South Seattle. As a result, Danny is a long time resident of the Seattle Area as are his 9 older siblings. He has lived and been embedded in the fabric of a variety of communities including the inner-city, rural, and suburban areas of Seattle. He has also spent time living in Atlanta Georgia, where his mission was to connect diverse groups of people to seek the common good of the city.

Danny Chi and his family

Danny Chi and his family

Danny has over 15 years of experience as director for a variety of major non-profits, an MBA with a focus on Finance, and undergraduate degree in Religion. Danny has an established business as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments in Kirkland, Washington where his mission is to make a tangible impact in our communities by helping people organize, build, protect, and transfer wealth with intentionality and care.

Danny loves playing flag-football, pour-over coffee, road trips, and dancing to a variety of music (including country, electronic dance music, R&B and hip-hop music). You will either see him at coffee shops, cigar lounges, local wine-bars, coaching basketball, and/or at a dance venue. He loves supporting local artists and student athletes. We are thankful for having Danny on our team.

To find out more ways to get connected to our mission please feel free to reach out to us or even Danny personally especially if you live on the eastside of Seattle.

As we come upon the end of the year and you’re considering year end giving, please consider supporting the important work of Together Washington. We are excited about what’s in store in 2022 in building the social fabric and your support will go a long way in this effort. Donate here.


Tim Gaydos
Tim Gaydos

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