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Together Washington has always been about bringing people of different viewpoints together to work for the common good. That’s why we are so excited to share what’s been happening in November! Together Washington along with the Yakima Steering Committee hosted dinners across The Yakima Valley with leaders of good faith and good will. These dinners are in preparation for a Yakima Summit to be held in Spring of 2022 and focused on the need to build bridges and work across divides.

Close to 50 leaders engaged in meaningful dialogue. It was evident across all three gatherings that Yakima has strong leadership and many willing partners to figure out how to move the community forward.

Conversation centered around a variety of strengths, issues, and needs. Leaders discussed ideas and solutions around economic development, family and youth, infrastructure, and labor just to name a few. While much good work is being done, leaders discussed the need to strengthen the connective tissue between all stakeholders within the community. It is through relationships and friendship that good work can be elevated to an even greater collective impact.

Group Dinner ConversationGroup Dinner Conversation

The Yakima Steering Committee will gather input and insights gained from these dinners and use them to prepare for a dialogue with a larger constituency in the Spring of next year. This work is foundational in helping people find common ground and create pathways for results and the flourishing of community. We are excited for what the New Year will hold for Yakima and are eager to bring this work to many more cities across our great state.

Can you imagine if more people came together all across the state to find common ground even among differences? If you want to be part of bringing this dialogue to more cities, please support Together Washington on this Giving Tuesday. Your contribution will go a long way in helping shape a better future. Click to donate here.

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Tim Gaydos
Tim Gaydos

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