Episode 2: Seattle Sounders - Jordan Morris and Christian Roldan

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Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan have become part of the cornerstone of a dynasty in Major League Soccer with the Seattle Sounders. With two MLS championships under their belt they are just coming into their prime as players. Each are becoming forces on the US Men’s National Team as well.

What we're most inspired by is Jordan and Cristian's belief in building the fabric of our community and serving the common good.

Jordan grew up in the Seattle area and understands how important it is to give back in the city that helped shape him.

Cristian's father, Cesar, and mother, Ana, each left civil-war ravaged Guatemala and El Salvador, respectively, to start over in the U.S. They met soon after, married and moved to a town east of Los Angeles, where they raised Cristian and two other sons.

Join us on this fascinating conversation as we hear more about Jordan and Cristian’s upbringing, their heart for Seattle, when they first became best friends, and their thoughts on soccer, the USMNT and more!

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