Christopher Williams Announced as Together Washington's new Board of Directors Chair

It is my pleasure to welcome Christopher Williams as the new Board of Directors Chair for Together Washington!

Christopher brings nearly 30 years of public-sector experience to the Together Washington Board. He is currently Acting Superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation, where he has served in various high-level roles, ranging from Park Operations Division Director, Deputy Superintendent and frequently serving as the Acting Parks Superintendent. While serving as Acting Superintendent, Christopher spearheaded the passage of the Seattle Metropolitan Park District. Christopher has served on numerous professional boards including, the Arboretum Foundation, The Seattle Zoological Society, the Seattle Aquarium Board and most recently Christopher serves as the current National Board Co-Chair for the City Park Alliance.

Christopher wanted to share a message in his his own words:

"I am honored to write to you as the 2022 Board Chair for Together Washington (TW). I wish to acknowledge Nelson Reyneri, for his leadership over the past 18 months as the outgoing chair of TW. I’ve appreciated Nelson’s steady, pragmatic leadership and his easygoing style. Nelson will remain on the board as the Vice-Chair. Please join me in thanking Nelson for his leadership.

As we look ahead, it’s hard not to acknowledge “how” the world has changed in the last 2 years. These changes bring new opportunities to work with a new slate of State and City Leaders. I’m excited about the opportunity Together Washington can play to foster healing and a sense of peer-community kinship across Washington. As much as we all face similar challenges, we collectively own opportunities for positive solutions.

The new year brings with it opportunities to create space(s) to build human-connectedness and to create problem solving. We have in front of us, opportunities to reduce division(s) and while fostering opportunities for community learning and growth. I’m excited to take on these challenges in partnership with each of you."

Christopher joined me on our podcast last year and shared some of his insights into what it means to be a great leader: The Podcast for the Common Good: Christopher Williams

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Tim Gaydos
Tim Gaydos

CEO, Together Washington

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